The Voyage and the Community

Becoming part of the community of Demeter is the beginning of a new voyage. It is a voyage of that will take you through personal and business growth, a voyage of overcoming obstacles and achieving business goals.

When you join Demeter, you become part of a community of other entrepreneurs and have access to lots of professional advice and coaching. You will move through different levels of entrepreneurial development and grow at faster and more stable rate. 
Belonging to the Demeter Family
Partnering with Demeter is normally done in order to overcome the growth challenges that entrepreneurs are experiencing. When you know that your business can do much better, but just don’t know how exactly, then Demeter is an ideal solution.
Think of us as part of your team; we roll up our sleeves and help make growth happen.
At Demeter you are surrounded by passionate entrepreneurs who have all been through what you are going through and consequently support and motivate you to keep at it and to push through those tough times in order to manifest your dreams.