Starting the relationship: Interim Management

As businesses develop they encounter periods of increased change and resulting turbulence. During these periods companies often demand too much of their existing leaders and create a leadership overload. During periods of disruptive growth many companies exceed their own capacity for leadership and management. 

It is at these times that Demeter is able to assist its clients. Working with them we provide Interim Management for various alternating periods to create stable growth from disruptive chaos.  
Interim Management is one way to start the relationship and trust between Demeter and the entrepreneurial organisation 
Interim managers provide: 
  • The latest thinking 
  • Short-term access to top management talent 
  • Strategic capability 
  • An independent eye 
  • The ability to fast-track a critical project
Interim managers are:
  • Implementers as well as being strategists, analysts and planners 
  • Loyal to your business objectives – not their consultancy's objectives 
  • Flexible to do what you need – not restricted to doing things the way their consultancy prescribes 
  • They are strategists as well as hands-on – they are on your team to deliver your strategy.
Demeter applies the guiding principles of Expand – Change – Prepare – Preserve – Nurture in order to assist our selected entrepreneurs:

1.     Expand

  • Learning is growing. Growing and trying new things implies that you will be making mistakes. Mistakes are there to teach us. Therefore mistakes are good. Approach work and life in general with an open mind. A day without learning is a wasted day.
  • Being an entrepreneur is a lonely endeavour. Expanding your business is a ‘frightening’ experience. Demeter is a community of entrepreneurs who share with one another, and in that sharing lies strength. Those who do not share are ‘by default’ ejected from this culture.
  • Demeter companies share leads and knowledge, they share opportunities and information, and they share anecdotes and support. Together the community is stronger. Together we are more likely to expand and succeed. 
2.     Change
  • The moment you decided to become an entrepreneur you became responsible to yourself and to others. You accepted major change in your life. You are now accountable for all your decisions (or lack thereof).
  • You are responsible to your customers, to your staff and to all the stakeholders who are now on stage waiting for your direction. You are responsible for directing, guiding, nurturing and teaching them.
  • Most of all you, are responsible for mastering yourself
3.     Prepare 
  • Becoming successful requires hard work. Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires even more hard work. So prepare yourself and your company for this.
  • Preparing yourself to work hard also means bringing balance to your personal life – fun is part of this.
  • Prepare to have many failures on the way. Persevere to overcome them.
  • As an Entrepreneur you have been used to making the decisions. You now have a support structure so prepare to use it, prepare for being questioned continuously.
  • The more you lack in experience, the more you prepare for the next step. Demeter helps you and advises you on how to prepare upfront and quickly.
4.     Preserve
  • In order to be successful entrepreneurs we need to remain true to ourselves and to others. Our position with others is always one of trust first. People do not have to earn out trust, they have it immediately, and it is up to them to keep that trust.
  • Doing what you say you are going to do is one of the most important elements being true. If you say you are going to do something, simply do it.
  • Arrive at meetings on time, and be regarded as reliable.
5.     Nurture
  • Self confidence is the single biggest contributor to sustained entrepreneurial success. Always be building your self confidence, through reading, training, audio cassettes and workshops.
  • Part of self confidence is self respect and self discipline. Work on these elements of your personality very hard.
  • Remember you deserve abundance and wealth us much as anyone on God’s earth. When you truly believe this, you will become successful.