More About Us

What makes Demeter Different?

Because we partner with you, we are incredibly involved and interested in your success. Your success is our success. A team of highly skilled professionals will assist you, the entrepreneur in every step of the way. 
As part of the Demeter family it is important to understand how the rest of the household operates, so that one can fully participate, grow and become part of the culture. 
Demeter believes in backing people not businesses. A great business can dissolve very quickly with a bad entrepreneur and a bad business can quickly succeed with a good entrepreneur. 
The Clients/Suppliers: Access to each other’s clients and working together.
Demeter is an ever-growing environment. As new companies join they bring with them their clients/suppliers and relationships. Through various Demeter processes, each company gets access to the other’s clients/suppliers. 
Many of the clients/suppliers are well known brands and once you join you will have access to these and many more. 
Many of the Demeter companies collaborate on winning accounts by joining forces with each other. Up to five companies might be working on one account at the same time. E.g. joining together Demeter can source from suppliers’ better rates than an individual company by itself.  
Big corporates require their suppliers to be of a certain size to handle their account. Where small companies would never be able to win this work, collaboration ensures you have a chance to conclude these deals. 
You will soon notice the significant amount of sales leads generated by the Demeter management team for Demeter companies. Our extensive networks and associations are constantly sprouting new opportunities for our companies. Just another add on advantage point
How does it work?
Demeter test for values, culture synergies, and for Entrepreneurial flair. Then accepts the company into the existing community and offers all the help needed
  • Demeter takes a minority stake in all the businesses it accepts into its fold and that it works with to help grow. It also takes a smaller (than the equity percentage) profit share of the net profit. This is a capped number and is used for operational expenditure. 
  • Demeter is therefore aligned to the partners because if the business is profitable then Demeter is profitable, if the business is not making profit then neither is Demeter. 
  • To safeguard you; Demeter has a standard shareholders agreement in place with its partners. If either party is unhappy with the relationship then the partnership is dissolved through the terms set out in the agreement. 
  • Demeter contractually commits itself to increasing your profitability. If this does not happen, Demeter then will hand back the equity at no cost and write off any outstanding Demeter fees. To date not one company has ever evoked this guarantee.