Our Vision and Values

Our goal is to formulate partnerships with entrepreneurs that are passionate about what they do and are driven to be the best.  This results in the creation of successful business relationships, and it gives purpose and reward to our work and our lives. 

  • Demeter represents a group of companies, which is run by founder entrepreneurs, within their standards within their own culture (and we test for synergies up front!) 
  • Demeter shares an ethos of passion and commitment in ensuring the success of the relationship and the future of the business success. 
  • It is our extraordinary desire to provide value-add to our customers that makes us stand out above the rest.
  • All our employees understand that value-add occurs at every point in the business offering, and that they are all equally responsible for value-add in their capacity.
  • All individuals at Demeter are committed and action-orientated individuals, providing solutions to opportunities and showing creative initiative.
  • Customer Service is not a term that we pay lip service to, but a living culture deeply entrenched in the DNA of our companies
  • We are Demeter. Together we are stronger, together we succeed.
At Demeter we commit ourselves to uplifting entrepreneurial ventures into winning, sustainable, organised, well-managed and fully productive companies by providing support to:
  • expand and encourage the existing entrepreneurial business
  • facilitate change; prepare the working environment for change and growth
  • preserve culture and values and 
  • nurture relationships and provide new opportunities for growth for entrepreneurs through the creation of a business community which:
  • develops sustainable ‘partnerships’  by establishing long-term business alliances with customers
  • Strives for customer retention. 
  • creates an organizational trademark and preserves brand equity while promoting business standards
  • has the ability to build knowledge, potential, and creativity and prepare for change